Welcome Everyone!
At long last, live music is back. Check out our shows page for our concerts this summer.

We've been woodshedding on some new music and also have a new CD of fiddle tunes.
We look forward to sharing all of these with you!

The Cabot Old Time Jam Session CD is here!

20 tunes representing the repertoire from our Sunday, Old Time jam Session at Harry's Hardware in Cabot, Vermont. A must for any jam session enthusiast. Proceeds benefit Cabot Arts to jump-start a music camp for all ages. The cost $15, plus shipping.  

Sorry, no deliveries to countries outside the US at this time. 

Click on the Soundcloud widget below to listen to samples of the Old-time Repertoire CD

To learn more about the Cabot Old Time Jam Session, this recording and the tune list, visit CabotArts.org and scroll down to the bottom of the page. 

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