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The Outerburgs were conceived as an offshoot of Dana and Susan Robinson’s music. (Dana explains) “We needed an identity apart from our singer-songwriter music to focus solely on oldtime stringband music, fiddle tunes and traditional songs. With The Outerburgs we are free to invite different musicians in for a variety of projects and gigs.
The name “Outerburgs” is intended to conjure the image of little burgs or villages outside urban areas where life is slowed to a manageable pace. In the outer-burgs, folks find the time for what’s important in life: dancing, singing, telling stories, making community, and connecting with what true and good in the world. This music is meant to reflect that.
Thursday - July 4th  10 - 11am - Cabot, VT
Celebration on the Town Common w/Dave Gaillard on bass
Tuesday -  August 13th at 7:30pm -
Moogs Place - Morrisville, VT
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